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Candidate Information

ICS is a multi-disciplined Search Firm specializing in the recruitment and placement of individuals for Permanent and Contract positions primarily within, but not limited to, Ontario based manufacturing companies.

During our twenty plus (20+) years in operation, we have established two offices. Our head office is located in Toronto, while our Branch office is situated within the heart of the "Golden Triangle" in Kitchener, Ontario.

In this ever changing global economy, competitive companies have found that it is getting to be an increasingly difficult task to attract solid, qualified candidates. The primary problem they face is that the candidate with the profile they are seeking is usually busy at their current place of business handling the day to day challenges that this fast paced technological day and age has brought about. Another common roadblock that occurs is simply that individuals can be creatures of habit and for the most part happy in their current employment situation and not always receptive to change. In either case, when leisure time rolls around, generally the last thing that is on the mind is to look for a career move by scouring the ads.

This is when deciding to utilize the services of ICS can be the most important decision you make. Here's why...

We are in the "happiness business." You may be happy where you are and with what you are doing, but we can make you happier. We are your extra eyes and ears out in the industry. While you are doing what you do best, we keep you abreast of the market place and its changes. We are constantly keeping our finger on the pulse of industry, identifying the positions and companies that will help you meet your career objectives.

We know who the "movers and shakers" are in your industry. We are constantly aware of the companies that are expanding or building new facilities. We can direct you towards firms that have built a management team that is proactive as opposed to reactive towards issues of the day. We are able to intelligently discuss with you the manufacturers that will provide you with the challenges and responsibilities that you seek for your career growth. We will not waste your time with those that won't fulfill your expectations. In short, we introduce you to the companies that you want to know about.

While you are at work installing a new piece of robotic equipment, implementing a GMP program, improving an injection process, or handling a new car part program, ICS is identifying and contacting companies desirous of individuals with your skill sets. Companies that can offer you not only more challenges and responsibilities, but firms that can also provide you with a salary and potential incentives that you feel are more commenserative with your work experience and/or academics.

ICS is a FREE SERVICE to our candidates. Our fees are handled by the client company and in no way do our costs affect your salary.

Our broad base of client companies are primarily engaged in the automotive, consumer, aerospace, and pharmaceutical industries. These companies do metal fabrication, injection, paint, and assembly. They mix, blend, fill, wrap, and package. They operate under QS, ISO on GMP standards. Some are single facilities while others have multi-plant locations. For the most part, they are located in major urban centers, but some are quietly settled away in smaller rural communities in the province, better known as "cottage country."

To benefit from our services, all we require is that you simply follow the next four steps:
  1. Fax us a copy of your current resume at (519) 576-6252 or email it to us at
  2. Include a covering letter that includes a highlight of your career achievements and where you feel that your particular strength lies, ie technical, management, etc
  3. Also include in your covering letter your current salary. Insure that you break it down to reflect your base salary, bonuses, paid overtime, etc. Please indicate when your next salary review is expected.
  4. Tell us what geographic constraints or preferences that you may have. Share with us locations where family or friends may reside within the province. You never know when a company just down the road from your cottage or old home town may come open.

It's as simple as that.

One of our qualified consultants will be in touch with you to get any additional information that we may require. Your resume DOES NOT leave our office without your permission. You will know each company that we are presenting your resume to. If you have no interest in any organization that we talk to you about, just let us know. We don't want to represent you to companies that you do not want to be involved with. We only ask that you respect the confidentiality of our business and do not share the information that we give to you with any third party.

We would welcome all comments and or suggestions that you may wish to offer directed at how, you the Candidate, feel that we could make our services better to serve you. Don't forget to visit our Current Job Listings Page while you are here with us today.

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