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Client Information

ICS is a multi-disciplined Search Firm specializing in the recruitment and placement of individuals for Permanent and Contract positions primarily within, but not limited to, Ontario based manufacturing companies.

During our twenty plus (20+) years in operation, we have established ourselves as an effective and reliable Search Provider. Our Head Office is located in Mississauga while our Branch office is situated in Kitchener, Ontario. We are more than capable and equipped to service our clients across the province “and beyond”.

In this ever changing global economy, hiring the right staff for any organization is increasingly becoming a key element to a successful business's life. Because each company's needs vary, ICS takes an individual approach to every assignment that we undertake. Our consultants have the business acumen and experience to discuss in detail with your company's hiring officials the skill sets and specific needs that are required by a candidate to be a successful and integral part of your team.

The time spent with your consultant sharing as much pertinent information as possible about the position and your company's objectives is important. It enables us to have a thorough understanding of not only the candidate profile that is necessary to guarantee a successful conclusion to the search project, but it also gives us a better sense of the direction and uniqueness of your organization. This knowledge allows us to help you long after our initial contact. It helps us to further support you, by keeping you appraised of individuals as they are entering the market place who possess the skills, energy, and focus that you have told us are ever so important to your company's continuing success.

We know, through experience, that when a key position remains vacant, time is lost, the productivity of others can potentially suffer, and this can possibly lead to morale being affected. That is why ICS treats each and every assignment with a sense of urgency, without sacrificing our professionalism. All of our consultants have had extensive experience and training in the personnel consulting field. They bring that knowledge and ability to the task of identifying qualified team members for your organization as efficiently and economically as possible.

Our firm operates primarily with clients on a contingency basis. Under those terms and conditions, no fee is charged to you, the employer, unless our efforts culminate in the successful identification and hiring by your firm of one of our candidates.

Over the years, we can and have been able to tailor specific search packages to meet the individual needs and requirements of our clients.

Some of the assignments and services that we have undertaken have been, Outplacement Consultation and Assistance, contract agreements for multiple search projects, identification and placement of individuals for short term contract assignments, retainer searches for highly confidential senior management roles, reference information services etc.

In all cases, ICS has been able to provide the manpower and resources to work with you while maintaining cost effectiveness.

As part of our ongoing commitment to increase the performance and quality of our services, each month ICS prints out a Candidate Profile sheet. The Candidate Profile contains several of our most qualified and active candidates. Candidate Profiles are currently distributed to over three thousand (3,000) companies throughout the Ontario region with plans to expand to other major centers in Canada. If your company is not already on our distribution list and you desire to have the Profiles sent directly to you for your perusal and approval, please phone, fax or E-Mail us and we will place you on our active directory. This will ensure that you always receive the most up to date information that is available on Candidate Profiles.

If the Candidate Profiles that you receive are not germane to your companies unique personnel requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us and inform us of the qualifications that would be of particular interest to your organization. We will endeavour to be mindful of candidates that possess the specific qualities that would be best suited to your companies particular needs and keep you aware of them. This is a no cost/no obligation service that we are pleased to provide for you.

It is our hope that this information, though brief, has been complete enough for you to decide that the next time a staffing requirement arises, you will give ICS a call and allow us the opportunity to show you what we can do.

We welcome all comments and suggestions that you the client may wish to offer directed at how we can make our services more client friendly. Don't forget to visit our Candidate Profile Page while you are here with us today.

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